TUM "Campus im Olympiapark" Munich (DE)

New construction of the Faculty of Sports and Health Sciences and the ZHS

The Free State of Bavaria realizes for the TUM the rebuilding and new construction of the Faculty of Sports and Health Sciences and the ZHS with a program of 14 sports halls, 12 lecture halls, 15 laboratories, 5 workshops and 300 offices.

In the course of the first phase of the project, Rubner Holzbau will implement about

  • 15,000 m² of roof construction
  • 7,400 m² of wall elements made of
  • 1,370 m³ of laminated and cross-laminated timber/ X-lam


Particularly impressive:

the 28 m long and 1.60 m high roof elements have a free overhang of 18.3 meters. Over a length of approx. 150 meters, the 100-meter track will be covered generously with 40 elements.

The components are prefabricated ready for assembly at the Ober-Grafendorf plant and taken to the construction site by truck.

Project details

Location Munich (DE)

Completion expected June 2019

Customer Free state of Bavaria, Staatliches Bauamt München 2

Architecture Dietrich | Untertrifaller Architekten ZT GmbH, Dornbirn (AT)

Structural Engineering merz kley partner ZT GmbH, Dornbirn (AT)

Roof- and roof elements 11,689 m²

wall elements 7,430 m²

Hollow box girders 4,183 m²

CLT / X-lam 332 m³

Assembly of the hollow box girders in timelapse

19 tons special components require a very delicate touch

Technical report in Bautechnik 11/2019

Implementation of a timber engineering structure including entire range of services

The article in Bautechnik 11/2019 by Jens Jamnitzky and Alexander Deák reports on the requirements for timber construction in the implementation of the TUM Campus in the Olympic Park.

The production of the complete roof construction for the sports halls and institute areas is explained, as well as the formative task of this project, namely the planning, prefabrication and assembly of the widely protruding and large-format hollow box girder elements for the canopy construction.

You will find the report with our information material.

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