Therme St. Kathrein, Bad Kleinkirchheim - AT

Conversion and renovation

Carinthia’s oldest thermal spa, which had first opened its gates for the public in 1969, was reopened in September 2017 after renovation, modernisation, and structural improvement work.

The key renovation requirements included adding a modern water treatment facility for the pool and water slide, but also energy efficiency and safety improvement measures of the overall building, boosting fire protection and offering better accessibility. You can feel the regional character and the vicinity to the Nock Mountains literally everywhere, starting with the wood panels on the façades all the way to the Swiss pine in the relaxation rooms. Rubner Holzbau’s Villach branch was responsible for the woodwork and played a major role in creating this special atmosphere. Rubner was also responsible for the general planning of the new structural design concept at the beginning of the project. One of the core parts of the construction is Hall 1 with the large pool. One of the structural design tasks included unsupported spans of more than 30 m. Trussed girders with a height of 3 m with a roof construction on top and a supporting ceiling element at the bottom were used to that end. The bottom view is defined by perforated birch Xlam used for the suspended ceiling positioned at spaces of 1 m each. The space in between is used for wiring and ventilation. In the other sections, which included pool, spa, and relaxation zones, our timber engineering experts from Bressanone, Italy, and Ober-Grafendorf, Austria, worked together to create support structures, the entire roofing, roof elements, outer wall elements including larch padding and tile covers as well as the interior walls and finishing work and the Swiss pine-covered relaxation rooms all from one single source.

Project details

Location Bad Kleinkirchheim, Austria

Completion 2017

Glulam 517 m³

Roof elements 3,500 m²

Wall elements 400 m²

Contractor Therme St. Kathrein, Bad Kleinkirchheim, Austria

Architect PML – Leitner, Seeboden, Hosner-Trattler, Spittal an der Drau, Austria

Structural design Construction Engineers Lackner Egger ZT, Villach, Austria

General contractor Rubner Holzbau, Villach, Austria

Images Rubner Holzbau/Adrian Hipp, Gert Perauer