Terre da Vino winery, Barolo (CN) - ITA

Gianni Arnaudo was commissioned with the project planning. He is famous for his innovative ideas, which, however, never impair the functionality of his buildings, which are always highly respectful of the surroundings they are placed in.
An observer may get the impression that a new organism is created from experiences past, embedded in the willingness to employ the technology of the present, and uses materials such as glass, steel, and glued laminated wood. The main building with its curved roof panels seems in search of the hills around it, while the adjacent office building and its typical rural style of construction seem to play with the landscape. The old haybarn was reinterpreted by adding modern window panels.

Project details

Location Barolo (CN), Italy

Completion 2006

Project engineer Arch. Gianni Arnaudo

Photos Winery Terre da Vino