School and daycare centre, Poing - DE

Building a new school and two new daycare centres in the W5 residential community known as “Zauberwinkel”, the Poing municipality successfully met close to 100 % of existing childcare requirements for playgroups and pre-schools.

The structure of the daycare centres resembles four parallel two-storey buildings with floor-plan dimensions of 46 x11 m each, connected by an 80-metre-long link. The rooftop terraces are used as a playground and garden by the playgroups on the upper floor.
The primary school has a surface area of 81 x 36 m and comes with a basement, a ground floor, and a top floor. In order to design classrooms free from supporting pillars that might restrict usage of the rooms, ceiling spans are 8.40 m and the supports were arranged at façade level.
The outer shell is defined by a horizontal larch façade, which forms an exciting contrast to the large glass panels. Rubner Holzbau Augsburg was responsible for the work planning and production (done at the Ober-Grafendorf factory) of the post-and-beam structure including all connections, sealed surfaces, and sheet metal applications required to hold the glass units.
About 550 m² of the 3,325 m² of timber-and-glass façade are equipped with fire-resistant glazing. The façade elements prefabricated at the factory come with a total of 220 windows and 80 external aluminium doors. In addition, Rubner mounted 54 internal doors with T30-RS and 10 louvre windows as well as two fire protection curtains.

Project details

Location Poing, Germany

Completion 2017

Timber-and-glass façade 3,325 m²

Contractor Poing municipality

Architect architektei mey ingenieure architekten bda akh, Frankfurt/Main, Germany

Project controlling Stein und Partner Projektmanagement partGmbH, Munich, Germany

Structural design Kling Consult, Krumbach, Germany, main construction work: Zechbau, Munich, Germany

Timber Construction Rubner Holzbau, Augsburg, Germany

Photo rights Felix Löchner/Sichtkreis Architectural Photography