Schneehüenerstock-Flyer, Andermatt (CH)

Mountain station at 2,700 m A.S.L.

13 m high supporting structure and roof structure made of glued laminated timber for a new mountain station in the Andermatt-Sedrun ski resort (CH).

Highly demanding altitudes, unpredictable and mostly harsh climate, rough terrain, exposed hillside locations, scarce terrain availability, difficult transport conditions and strongly extreme weather events.

Timber engineering faces the challenges of building in high alpine regions.

Project details

location Andermatt-Sedrun (CH)

completion 2018

owner Andermatt-Sedrun Sport AG, Andermatt (CH)

Structural engineers Pirmin Jung Ingenieure für Holzbau AG, Rain (CH)

glulam 400 m³

snowstorms, danger of avanlanches and a helicopter

At the Schneehüenerstock mountain at a height of 2,700 m above sea level, comprises the construction of a new mountain station with 10-seater gondolas and 6-seater chairlifts. Usually, building materials that are required for alpine constructions are transported to the mountain site either by truck or by a material cable car. However, this project turned out to be even more challenging since the only way to deliver  construction material to the construction site was by helicopter.

The project deadline was fixed, unfortunately the weather simply seemed to ignore this deadline. Due to heavy snowfalls, snowstorms and the consequently resulting danger of avalanches, construction works had to be repeatedly interrupted. We therefore had only some few days to assemble the structure around the already existing cable car installation. During this very limited work period we managed to erect a 13 m high supporting structure and roof structure made of glued laminated timber. The walls were cladded by factory prefabricated wall elements, which had been produced under optimum climatic and technical conditions. For the assembly of individual elements, we not only used cranes but also the helicopter.


Rubner Holzbau Brixen was responsible for

workshop design

fabrication of the load bearing construction

prefabrication of timber elements

transport to the site

on-site assembly

Assembly of the panelling

closed envelope

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