Refurbishment school Niederwalgern (GER)

prefabricated buidling envelope

Hessian comprehensive school from the 1970s gets completely new building envelope in wood construction. The visual and energetic revaluation had to take place without disruption during the ongoing school operation.

Any works involving intensive noise and vibrations were only allowed during break times. The company was able to secure this requirement by  its well-proven prefabrication system of all building elements. Therefore, all fixed glazing elements and windows were already integrated into the façade under workshop conditions in the Ober-Grafendorf (AT) factory.


The successful energetic refurbishment of the comprehensive school in Wetter in the year 2015 was the decisive criterion to award an additional contract to Rubner Holzbau in Augsburg (GER) for the energetic
refurbishment of another school in the Land of Hesse. The project carried out in Niederwalgern comprised the entire building shell of two four-storey concrete skeleton buildings that had been erected back in the 1970ies.

Project details

Location Niederwalgern

Completion 2018

Customer Rural district of Marburg-Biedenkopf, Schools and Buildings Department, Marburg (GER)

Architecture Thomas Dersch Architekt, Biedenkopf (GER)

Structural engineering HAZ Beratende Ingenieure für das Bauwesen, Marburg (GER)

Timber-glass-façade 1,190 m²

Façade elements 3,200 m²

Renovation pays off in the long term

Ecologically and economically

Use substance - maintain values

Reduce energy consumption

Optical enhancement

Active climate protection - renovate with wood

Timber elements are leightweight and quickly mounted

High performance on a slim floor plan

Prefabricated exterior wall elements combine many functions and consume little space

The large-sized glass façades were integrated as post and beam elements. With a Ucw-value of 0,8 W/m 2 K, the post and beam façade complies with stringent passive house requirements in terms of ther-
mal insulation. To protect the building from summer heat and to provide for room darkening, electrically-actuated folding blinds have been integrated into façade elements.

In close cooperation with conceptual planning entities, Rubner Holzbau Augsburg elaborated the fabrication and assembly concept and was responsible for production and transport of all building elements – executed by only 13 truck-loads – as well as for assembly of the entire building shell.