Maison de l’Inde, Paris - F

Student apartments

The Maison de l’Inde student accommodation building consists of two towers and is situated in Paris’s Cité Universitaire student accommodation complex, complementing the existing housing facilities and creating 72 new student apartments. Its seven storeys are an innovation in multi-storey timber construction.

The modern concept of the structures, which perfectly fit their surroundings, includes red and violet glass mosaic tiles on the outer walls, creating an interesting dialogue with the neighbouring brick buildings of the same colour.

The structural frame of the towers themselves is made of glulam cross girders and pillars (skeleton structure), ceilings of glulam panels, and prefabricated outer walls. The large project realised by Rubner Holzbau included the building envelope, the timber structure, the outer and inner frame, the cover, and the roof.

Project details

Location Paris, France

Completion 2013

Construction time 4 months

Ceilings – glulam 2,335 m²

Façade and frame construc 1,280 m²

Architects LIPSKY+ROLLET Architectes, Paris, France