KA300 Festival Pavilion on the occasion of the city anniversary at Karlsruhe - DE

Complex bar-profile structure from wood Temporary event pavilion with festival stage

A flying, sculpture-like structure formed the centrepiece of the Karlsruhe Summer Festival held on the occasion of the city’s 300th Anniversary.

The architectural design of the KA300 pavilion was the work of the Berlin Architects J. Mayer H. and Partner. Rubner Holzbau acted as general contractor and constructed the building including all related work of other trades such as rails, staircases, and parts of the interior decoration. Our scope of services included the structural design, execution and shop planning, as well as production, delivery, and assembly. To ensure short construction times and on-schedule completion at the listed Schlosspark garden, Rubner trimmed and varnished all timber components to make them ready for assembly and delivered them to the construction site. After five months of construction time, timber construction work was completed in April. After the anniversary celebrations from 17 June to 27 September, Rubner dismantled the temporary structure and recycled the material
>br />The event pavilion was 52 x 27 m and up to 16.4 m high, featuring a usable area of approx. 1,000 m². Ground floor capacity including stage, cafeteria, and information centre amounted to between 300 and 600 visitors. The 5.20-metre-high ceilings highlighted the ample and open character of the construction. In addition to its ground-floor facilities, the pavilion featured an exhibition level and two observation decks. The total volume sheltered from the weather (some of it protected by special moveable membranes) was about 2,800 m³; the overall envelope geometry of the cantilever bar construction amounted to 12,700 m³.

The bar-profile structure follows 10 horizontal and vertical axes. The deformed grid mirrors the geometric/radial layout of the baroque city of Karlsruhe.
The supporting structure consists of 98 supporting pillars of various different angles and up to 19 m in length and a grid structure of 72 horizontal glulam girders (spruce, 20 x 40 cm) held together with bolts. The supporting system of this bar-profile structure – braced by panel walls and cross braces – is very complex with a multitude of different nodes, By way of calculation, a total of 2,800 struts and 2,000 nodes were required for the model. During the detailed planning stage, every joint came with a whole new combination of geometry and cut size, so that each situation had to be dealt with individually.

Project details

Location Karlsruhe, Germany

Completion 2015

Glulam 338 m³ spruce

Steel 30 t

Contractor Stadtmarketing Karlsruhe GmbH, 76133 Karlsruhe, Germany

Architect J. MAYER H. und Partner, Architekten, 10623 Berlin, Germany

Photos Rubner Holzbau; Frank Dinger