Iride daycare facility, Guastalla (RE) - ITA

Exceptional wood architecture, energy efficiency, and high seismic safety are key characteristics of the daycare facility in the Guastalla municipality (Province of Reggio Emilia).

The building’s unusual structure was designed by Studio Mario Cucinella Architects Bologna and realised by Rubner Holzbau. The building is a daycare facility for up to 120 children aged 0 to three years and is part of the recovery plan to rebuild the Emilia Romagna region after the earthquake. The project is based on a pedagogical concept that leaves nothing to chance: the distribution of school rooms, the selection of construction materials, and the integration of indoor and outdoor areas.


The dialogue between the children and the nature around them, between enclosed spaces indoors and open areas outdoors, and the usage of natural light played major roles. Against this backdrop, the daycare facility was designed to seamlessly fit into its surroundings and the characteristic landscape both in terms of its general appearance and its overall architecture. The large and diverse number of trees on the construction site gave rise to the idea of creating a building that interacts with its surroundings: Many vertical wood elements play with the theme created by the lines of trees and the agricultural land around the building. These structures make the building seem light and airy and, unlike many school buildings, not seem compact and monolithic at all

Project details

Location Guastalla (RE), Italy

Year of construction 2015

Customer Guastalla municipality

Glulam 200 m³

Roof surface area 1,100 m²

Architecture Mario Cucinella Architects, Bologna

Photo rights Rubner Holzbau (Fausto Franzosi)