Head office Ramoser Holz, Bolzano, ITA


The company’s head office, with an existing building on a surface of some 3,050 m², was enlarged by a total area of 2,020 m², which corresponds to the surface of the existing forecourt. This was covered by an unsupported roof construction to provide more space for order picking, material loading and material storage on highlevel racks. In the eastern wing of the refurbished building, office rooms have been installed on two floors. The visitors are welcomed by a large exhibition area and the spaciously glazed entrance area.

The self-supported shed-roof is borne by two 3.5 m high and 36 m long glued laminated timber truss girders, which in turn rest on the four existing stair towers. The secondary, weight-optimised construction has also been designed in glued laminated timber and is covered with aluminium sandwich elements. The natural illumination of loading and storage areas is secured by the installation of two integrated polycarbonate glass strips.

The structure is dominated by the untreated and open-designed northern façade, which - towards the street side - serves as architectonic figurehead of the building with high recognition value. The façade is composed of pairwise-crossed, 12 m high glued laminated timber supports in larch.

Project details

Location Bolzano

Completion 2018

Client Ramoser Holz, Bolzano (ITA)

Architects Lukas Burgauner Architecture, Bolzano (ITA)

Timber eingineering Rubner Holzbau, Bressanone (ITA)

Roof surface 2.000 m²

Glued laminated timber 300 m³

Pictures Alex Filz