"Grünes Zentrum" Kaufbeuren

Center for agricultural and forestry administration and education

No question - timber! The new construction of the green center in Kaufbeuren was consistently built from timber construction systems. Special glasses set stylish accents.

The new “Green Centre” (Grünes Zentrum) located in Kaufbeuren-Ostallgäu has been designed to henceforth house under one single roof different regional organisations, associations and self-help institutions working in the field of agriculture and forestry. With its green flat roof, flowered areas and regional fruit trees in the outside areas, the timber structure that has been built by Rubner Holzbau Augsburg (GER) in accordance with passive-house standards, also emphasizes features of biodiversity.

The transparent architecture with spaciously-designed glazed surfaces provides plenty of natural daylight thus creating numerous bright office and school rooms where timber is kept visible as construction material and  creates a very pleasant and cosy atmosphere.

Project details

Location Kaufbeuren Ostallgäu (DE)

Completion 2018

Owner Staatliches Bauamt Kempten und Landratsamt Ostallgäu (DE)

Architecture Florian Nagler Architekten, München (DE)

Glulam 450m³

Cross lamiated timber 2.300 m²

Exterior wall elements 1.150 m²

wide-span timber ceilings for flexible space

The Green Centre is composed of a three-storey administration building and a two-storey building that houses the two schools. In the ground floor, both buildings are linked by a connecting structure, which  includes common areas.

The Green Centre accommodates

  • classrooms and administration facilities
  • state-of-the-art practise rooms
  • a canteen kitchen for the catering of AELF employees and students
  • two event rooms, which can be combined to form one large event room.

To provide for maximum space flexibility, large-span timber-concrete composite ceiling structures were used. Special connectors for prefabricated elements were encased into the prefabricated concrete components in the factory already. By means of these connecting sleeves, the concrete components could then be screwed on-site to the glued laminated timber beams thus achieving a force-locked connection of the two components. Additional bracing is achieved by cross laminated timber walls inside the building. The upper ceiling was adjusted to the large-size prefabricated element construction and reaches to the above-laying cold roof structure.

Center for 2,600 farms

The Green Centre in Kaufbeuren-Ostallgäu is the 18 th  installation of this type in Bavaria. With its approximately 90 employees, the AELF Kaufbeuren is responsible for some

  • 2,600 farms
  • 19,000 forest owners
  • 77,000 hectares of agricultural areas
  • 45,000 hectares of forest

located in the rural district of Ostallgäu and the independent town of Kaufbeuren. In addition, it houses the two specialized centres Cattle Farming and Organic Farming and has become a trans-regional point of contact and consulting institution.

Until now the Bavarian Department for Food, Agriculture and Forestry (AELF), the agricultural college and the only state-controlled Technical School for Nutrition and Food Chain Management in Bavaria had been organised on decentralised sites. By mid of July 2018, however, the different organisations gradually moved into the new premises. Together with the new installations of the Bavarian farmer’s association and the agricultural and forestry service provider Maschinenring Ostallgäu, these institutions form the Green Centre - an urban ensemble within the Innovapark in Kaufbeuren. The entire population, including farmers and students living in this area can now profit from this modern, efficient and centrally located service and educational centre, which offers combined expertise for all issues related to agriculture and domestic economy.

Grünes Zentrum Staircase