Fruit sorting plant, Denno (TN) - ITA

Fruit processing plant of the Melinda producer cooperative.

The expansion of the existing production facility in Denno, Italy, brings together the functional aspects of an industrial building and the wish to create a special kind of manufacture, perfectly integrated into the landscape and creating a highly comfortable space for working in a building with high energy efficiency.<7p>

The complex comes with a roofed surface area of approx. 10,000 m² and offers a total usable area of 22,000 m² spread out across four storeys. On the inside, wood, a natural material, which is used on the two impressive glulam roof constructions, is to create a comfortable atmosphere for work. The shed roof of the processing hall consists of two large box beams with a total length of approx. 60 m. The slender, Y-shaped supports made from concrete and steel support the roof and represent the branches of an apple tree. The box beams are almost 3 m high, and the daylight flooding in from the top significantly improves lighting conditions inside the building. The roof structure of the storage building rests on timber supports. The main girders are made from glulam and have a span of 36 m. They support the secondary roof structure with several roof panels.

Project details

Location Denno, Val di Non (TN), Italy

Completion 2014

Effective surface 22,100 m²

Roof surface area 5,200 m²

Glulam Approx. 2,000 m³

Contractor Consorzio Melinda, Italy

Architect & work management Studio Azzali, Trento, Italy

Timber Construction Rubner Holzbau, Bressanone, Italy

Photos Claudia Marini