EXPO 2015, Milan - ITA

The leading specialist for public and private timber construction in Europe had been awarded the contract for the planning and realisation of a total of four “clusters” for the Expo 2015 by the organisers of the universal exposition. These clusters are exhibition halls dedicated to certain topics which have a strong impact on the character of the exhibition. The contract value is approx. 21 million euros.
And what would be the central element of this Rubner project but TIMBER? This natural, ecologically valuable, and versatile building material is fully in line with the theme of the universal exposition of 2015: “Feeding the Planet, Energy For Life.” Rubner Objektbau GmbH, a Rubner Group company and the first general contractor in the European timber construction industry, was in charge of the project. The company has unique know-how in the planning and implementation of major turnkey projects in all areas of timber construction, from private housing to public buildings, from schools and hotels to office buildings.
When realising the structures for the exhibition halls, Rubner drew on its subsidiary Rubner Holzbau AG and its decades of experience in the construction of large, customised glulam structures.

The structures at hand are multifunctional exhibition rooms housing activities and events hosted by countries which do not have the chance to set up their own pavilions.
The entire area includes 43 buildings dedicated to four themes: “Bio-Mediterraneo, Isole, Zone Aride e Cereali and Tuberi” (Bio-Mediterranean, Islands, Arid Zones, and Cereals and Tubers). The 43 exhibition halls are set up on a gross total area of 7,400 m² with a total volume of 78,380 m³. Each area is designed individually and given the characteristics of the region it represents. A multifunctional common area complements the arrangement.

Project details

Location Milan, Italy

Completion 2015

Architecture EXPO 2015 S.p.A. - Politecnico di Milano - Cluster Project Working Groups (2012)

Glulam 1,410 m³

Roof elements 6,000 m²

Wall elements 18,000 m²

Photo rights Rubner Objektbau

Ceilings 5,050 m² in cross-laminated timber

Customer Expo 2015 S.p.A.