Enel coal storage, Brindisi - ITA

This project included the construction of two half-domed, geodetical structural frames with a diameter of 143 metres each and a total area of 22,000 m², for which 1,548 m³ of glulam, 22,000 m² of Xlam, and 192,000 kg of steel were used. This Brindisi project highlights Enel’s ecological ambitions, as natural materials were used for the construction. Wood is THE ecological construction material. Rubner Holzbau sources its wood from sustainably managed forests and processes it in accordance with certified procedures. Wood is a structurally solid and flexible raw material, even suitable for constructions with unusual or demanding requirements, and is superior to other materials such as steel, cement, or aluminium.
Rubner Holzbau developed a full package for this project: Among other things, the company was put in charge of planning the entire roofing, emergency stairs and walks, a natural ventilation system, and the electrical installations. In addition, Rubner Holzbau was responsible for the structural design of the frame as well as the production, transport logistics, and assembly in accordance with all currently applicable standards and regulations.

Project details

Location Brindisi, Italy

Completion 2014

Diameter 143 m

Height Approx. 50 m

Glulam 3,096 m³

Cross-laminated timber 44,000 m²

Steel components 384,000 kg

Photos Rubner Holzbau