Dreifeldsporthalle gymnasium, Frankfurt am Main - DE

The city’s largest indoor sports facility takes up a total floor space of 65,000 m² and features three pitches plus all required functional rooms and a stand for some 200 spectators.

Turkali Architekten designed the sports complex as a gymnasium with natural light. Windows stretch across the entire western façade, and the perforated screen and 36 top light elements ensure that natural light can be used wherever possible.
All parts of the gymnasium that do not touch the ground are entirely made from wood, including the high-insulation walls, the roof structure with its wide span, and modern timber-and-glass structures, which all perfectly fit the building’s surroundings. The façade is made from Siberian larch and dominates the architectural design with its vertical timber cladding .

The roof structure and the greened rooftop as well as the bottom views are made with glulam trusses with a construction height of 2.22 m and an unsupported span of 32 m. The interior walls on the ground floor are timber-frame constructions; the ribbon façade and windows are post-and-beam structures. Just like the bottom views of the ceilings, the large-scale, prefabricated outer wall elements are designed as protective padded walls where they face the room and made from ground, uncoated chip boards, protecting them from damage when hit by balls and absorbing noise. Rubner Holzbau Augsburg was responsible for construction and prefabrication at the factory as well as delivery and assembly of all components, partially acting as general contractor.

Project details

Location Frankfurt/Main, Preungesheim, Germany

Completion 2017

Exterior wall elements 1,000 m²

Timber-and-glass façade 160 m²

Larch cladding 1,200 m²

Interior walls 300 m²

Rib roof elements 480 m² rib roof elements with green roof

Trapezoidal sheet 1,450 m² trapezoidal sheet metal on glulam girders with green roof

Glulam 350 m³

Contractor Frankfurt/Main municipal authorities, Germany

Architect Turkali Architekt BDA, Frankfurt/Main, Germany

Engineering office B+G Ingenieure Bollinger und Grohmann, Frankfurt/Main, Germany

Photos Frank Dinger, Karlsruhe, Germany