Carnitalia hall and offices, Ospedaletto Lodigiano (LO) - ITA

Rubner Holzbau’s race against time in an effort to rebuild the Carnitalia production site.

The building’s floor-plan dimensions are 190 x 55 m. Glulam beams with a length of 43 m and a cross-section of 32/222 cm were used for the construction. The façade was covered with three-layer glulam panels, which were positioned on a supporting structure also made from glulam.
The structural frame of the production facility consists of glulam main girders with a span of 36.00 m resting on supports with spaces of 7.2 m between the axes. The outside areas come with 9-metre spans. The roof has two suspended wooden ceilings positioned in a cantilevered area. The building is completed with a secondary construction of stringers spaced at 2 m and a glulam panel.
The office space is supported by an arched structure with a maximum span of 36 m, which is resting on existing cement pillars and an arched header with a span of 30 m. The method used for the production area is also used for the rest of the structure.

Project details

Location Ospedaletto Lodigiano (LO), Italy

Completion 2015

Glulam 2,650 m³

Roof surface area 10,200 m²

Project engineer Studio Castiglioni & Nardi Architetti Associati

Photo rights Studio Castiglioni & Nardi Architetti Associati, Rubner Holzbau