Assisted Living - perfect Integration

The new Assisted Living Project of the French “Association Régionale pour l’Intégration” (an association dedicated to the integration of handicapped persons) has been planned to provide housing accommodation for 42 handicapped adolescents and adults.

The construction project is sited in Sainte Marthe, a new city quarter installed in the 14th arrondissement of Marseille. On a total of 2,700 m² the building includes the residential areas for the permanent accommodation of handicapped residents as well as common areas, one official residence and all common administrative, paramedical and general services. The architects' decision to execute the building's supporting structure in timber was advocated by a vast majority of the administrative board that is composed of the parents of the home residents.

The main focus of attention in the execution of this project was:

  • To create a symbiotic relation between the built structure and the surrounding landscape.
  • To implement a building of high ecological quality in accordance with the basic concept of the new city quarter, Sainte Marthe.
  • By opting for timber as construction material, to create for the home residents a reassuring living environment of manageable size, i.e. to convey a "cosy home feeling” thus avoiding the very austere, even impersonal atmosphere of a health centre or hospital.

Project details

Location Marseille (FR)

Building owner ARI - Association Régionale pour l’Insertion, Marseille (FR)

Architect ACTOM Architecture à Sophia Antipolis - France BALLIOT

Completion 2016

Timber engineering TECKICEA, Pontarlier (FR)

Cross laminated timber for floors and ceilings KLH 3.400 m²

Cross laminated timber for inside walls KLH 1.372 m²

Timber frame construction for outside walls 1.780m²

Pictures Caroline Hérard

Rendering Asylum

Optimised timber structure

The Rubner Team has secured the optimum implementation of this building assignment by using three different timber engineering elements:

  • A laminated timber supporting frame, a lightweight and fire-resistant construction, which remains visible in the finished structure.
  • A timber frame construction for outside walls – this being the best combination of stability and thermal insulation and also allowing high pre-fabrication degrees.
  • Exposed, i.e. uncovered ceilings and supporting inside walls in solid cross laminated timber with visible timber structure. These exposed solid timber elements provide for a warm and cosy atmosphere. Due to factory prefabrication of the elements, highest precision during assembly works could be achieved.