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What you need to know as a professional contractor

Know-how for special-purp

No two buildings are the same! We adapt our work to the project at hand, optimise the details, and provide customised advice regarding statics or building physics. The result: extraordinary solutions or classic constructions.

High performance

Technical expertise, powerful production capacities, experienced project management for implementation – we can do it!

Market leaders

For special-purpose solutions. We love a real challenge in timber engineering: no matter if it is about prestige or cost efficiency. Our wide range of projects and services is what makes us stand out from the crowd.

Project management

We employ certified processes, and an incoming order will be passed through all relevant departments. Precise, detailed planning is a fundamental prerequisite for smooth prefabrication. Before, at, and after work at the construction site – our project managers work closely with all other trades.

Adherence to schedule

This can be especially risky with complex construction projects. We stay on top of all relevant processes, ask for planning documents before they are overdue, and settle all issues as early as possible.

Depth of range

Several trades are involved with structures, especially with element prefabrication, or have to deliver their work accurately and right on schedule. Our expertise includes the coordination of all trade interfaces and in rendering semi-turnkey services.

The Rubner Holzbau family

Our Strategy

With our four production facilities and five branch offices in four countries, we are among the leading high-performance timber engineering companies in Europe. There are 450 different faces to our high performance and excellence.

Pooling our skills

Quality & technology

Benefit from integrated processes. We often implement projects within very short periods of time: Precision, experience, reliability, and sophisticated logistics are what really counts. In such cases, our strengths and expertise regarding statics, construction, and construction material are especially crucial.

How to handle things

The environment & wood as a raw material

Wood, which along with clay is the oldest building material we know, now offers higher performance qualities than ever before. It is light-weight, stable, renewable, stores carbon, is a great insulator, and offers fire resistance.

Jahresringe eines Baumes

Under hand and seal


Inaccuracies and mistakes can cause significant costs and present substantial risks for complex construction processes. Nobody would want that. We work precisely and reliably. Our products and processes are subject to permanent quality control by internationally accredited test facilities.

United by our passion for wood

Rubner Group


Joint action for joint goals.
We are a family business from the Alps, but are open-minded and look out into the world. In their everyday jobs, our employees take responsibility for our joint vision: wood construction.


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