Beam structure

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Großer Garten mit Haus bei Nacht - Projekt Longano

Wood frame construction

Timeless flexibility

The beam structure of the walls and ceiling is individually made of wood in accordance with the architect’s design. Full planning freedom is available for this. The supporting framework consists of a wood frame made up of spruce elements. The intermediate spaces between the walls are filled completely with environmentally-friendly insulating material soft fibreboard. The soft fibreboard keeps its shape and prevents the insulation from settling, and therefore also prevents empty spaces, condensation and moisture. The inner side of the wood frame construction is then closed with gypsum fibreboard and plasterboard. This double cladding allows furniture to be assembled at any desired point.
The outer wall is then finally closed with natural cork external thermal insulation. A base coat and finishing coat and/or alternative facade formwork are used to finish the house’s outer wall.

Thanks to the high prefabrication level of the Rubner Haus, the walls are already provided with windows, shade systems, doors and electrical as well as plumbing fixtures at the factory, provided that these items are included in the delivery.

Wall structure

Beam structure

1 - Plasterboard, 13 mm
2 - Gypsum fibreboard (or wood panel), 13 mm
3 - Vapour barrier fleece
4 - Soft fibreboard, self-supporting, 140 - 220 mm
5 - Wood beam construction (DUOLAM), 160 - 240 mm
6 - Gypsum fibreboard, 15 mm
7 - Sticker on cement base to fasten the external thermal insulation
8 - Corkboard, 80 mm
9 - Rendering with reinforcement mesh
10 - Mineral fine plaster
11 - Colour

Features in detail

Beam structure

Wood as a natural construction material

components with open dimensions and optimum insulation

premium thermal insulation - both in winter and in summer

building physics designs with no diffusion barrier

contribution towards climate protection, permanent CO2 storage

good heat insulation values through insulated elements

dry production at the plant irrespective of the wether

short construction time through high level of prefabrication