Three systems for unique houses

Rubner wall systems

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Rubner Haus wall systems

Blockhaus - Casablanca - wood beam construction

Our customers have different wall systems available - Blockhaus, Casablanca and wood beam construction - all of which meet the highest quality standards. We only use natural construction materials that ensure a sustainable healthy indoor climate. The thermal insulation in particular is adjusted to every climatic condition, for the best solutions by the sea, in the mountains, and for urban and rural locations.

The traditional method of construction


The German “Blockhaus” is one of the oldest and most established construction systems in the world. It provides evidence of the durability of wood construction, and can be found all over the world, from Japan to Finland. The durability, stability and weather resistance of our Blockhaus system has been confirmed in special studies. One of the most established construction methods is combined with the latest technology here: attractive, ecological and enabling individual designs.

Flexible and individual outer shells


The Casablanca wall system represents a refinement of the traditional block construction and gives the customer the opportunity to combine the old established construction system with modern aesthetic aspects.
The block board wall is located on the inside of the house, whereas the thermal insulation remains on the outside. The reverse Blockhaus wall structure gives inhabitants the unique living atmosphere of a traditional Blockhaus, yet also allows the outer façade to have an individual and modern design.


Full design freedom

wood frame

The wood frame construction is one of the most flexible wood construction systems because it is compatible with any floor plan, thereby giving full design freedom to architects. The system is also so flexible that changes and adjustments can be implemented at the last minute. The excellent heat insulation values of the Rubner Haus beam structure system allow us to meet the highest requirements related to low-energy and passive homes.