Basic - The Rubner Starter House

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The Rubner Haus Starter House


Basic, the Rubner Starter House, is the first of four modular stages and includes the finished building envelope. This means that the house is finished from the outside and you arrange the internal finishing yourself.
The floor plan and shape of the house can be designed individually to suit your preferences and the architect’s design.

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Rubner Haus Basic

Our Basic Starter House includes the following services

All exterior walls and interior walls

exterior walls, including insulation, plasterwork or veneer

roof and chimney

including insulation, roofing

floor ceilings

house entrance doors

balconies and balcony doors

ducts or wiring


windows with window ledge outside

We deliver a rainproof and thermal insulated house to you. The interior of the house can then be finished irrespective of the wind, weather or the season. If you are a craftsman yourself or know of any expert assistants or craftsmen who can support you with the internal finishing, then the Rubner Haus Basic is the perfect choice for you.

Need more than just the Basic Haus?

If you don’t want get involved in the design or execution yourself and just want to be handed the key to your new house, then you should choose the next finishing stage, the Rubner Haus Experience. Or what about the Rubner Haus Advanced, including foundations and a basement?