Advanced - ready to move into incl. basement/found

The Rubner Haus including foundations and a basement


In the third finishing stage, in addition to the services of a house that is ready to move into, we also provide our customers and the architects with „Experience“ the basement and/or the foundation slab.
This is the right finishing stage for you if you already have a plot and a plan of how your new house should look but don’t have the time to take care of all the details.

Rubner Haus ADVANCED

Our ADVANCED Rubner Haus includes the following services

ALL services with EXPERIENCE

earthworks for basement construction

concrete work, including insulation

gravel bed including drainage

sealant and drainage


The right selection for your Rubner Haus

You can design your house to suit your wishes as each Rubner Haus is custom made for you. Together with your Rubner Haus consultant at the Finishing Centre in Chienes, you can select the right products for finishing your dream home. Once all the details have been decided, we begin the prefabrication processes for the wall, ceiling and roof elements for your new prefabricated house and start the on-site civil engineering work.

Once the foundations have been completed, the Rubner Haus is assembled on-site within just a few days before the interior work begins. The walls are plastered, heating systems are installed, and the floors and tiles are laid; the new Rubner Haus gradually comes into being. Once all the work has been completed you receive the key to your modern wood home.

Your absolute dream home


There are no limits whatsoever to the design and product selection for the last Rubner Haus finishing stage, which we call Studio.