Villa Alice, the second home

Project Paleologo

Its name is Villa Alice, it’s located near Trieste, Northeast Italy, and it is the second house that the owner built with Rubner, after having successfully built the first one in 2006. Graduated in biology, the owner of Villa Alice works in food safety. For him, the choice of natural materials and an ecological approach to living are therefore very important. Villa Alice, built with the Casablanca system, reflects this desire down to the smallest detail: already from the outside, the movement of the volumes and roofs favors the integration into the natural and architectural context that surrounds it. The large windows overlooking the garden underline this continuous mutual exchange between inside and outside, reinforced by the presence of an internal garden and the use of white washed wood, which increasing the brightness of the interiors, makes them even more in harmony with the nature that surrounds the house. A continuous balance, also between nature and technology, in this stunning smart house, with photovoltaic system and underfloor heating and cooling.

Project details

Location Province Trieste, North Italy

Living space 195m²

Project Geom. Giuliano Biondini

Interior Nat Design

"Each project is unique and is the result of an accurate study of the situation, place and need, priority and will of the client. The design idea of Villa Alice is the meeting point between the desire to respect the natural environment and the client's need for a high level of living comfort".

Giuliano Biondini, surveyor and commercial technic