Twin homes steep above the valley

The Bernardini project

Two almost idential homes constructed with sustainability principles and energy efficiency in mind rise up high over a stunning valley in Tuscany’s Apennines.

Interview with the architect, Fortunato Fognani
“I decided to go for a beam structure, because it offers great freedom of planning and allows for high quality standards in terms of
energy efficiency, comfort of living, and structural safety. The area here is rated as a S2 seismic zone. In addition,
realisation times are short, and construction quality is high, which is a prime example for the excellence and reliability of Rubner Haus.”

Project details

Architect Arch. Fortunato Fognani

Wall system Beam structure

Location Tuscany

Living space Two detached houses with a living space of approx. 185m² each

The construction area is categorised as seismic zone S2. Then as we already know there are the extremely tight deadlines for implementation and high level of design quality that are characteristic of the capabilities and reliability of Rubner Haus.

Arch. Fortunato Fognani