The houses on lake Maggiore

Project Lago Maggiore

A land covered with vineyards and sunflowers near Locarno, on the shores of Lake Maggiore, with the mountains behind and the water mirror of the lake in front of it. Four houses are immersed in this extraordinary nature, close to each other and coherent with their clean and linear style. The owner, an architect by profession, struck by the beauty of the place, decided to accomplish her project here, with Rubner Haus: four similar buildings, with a very high energy coefficient, inspired by the great Zaha Hadid, according to whom architecture must be capable to instill pleasure while remaining functional. According to the owner, wood has the essential characteristics to realize this concept, thickness, solidity, flexibility and a sense of welcome.

And her home, one of the four, demonstrates this perfectly; totally in harmony with the context, the house has a refined aesthetic in its linearity, and it’s extremely functional. Everything is fluid, comfortable, free, the interior spaces are interdependent, in dialogue with each other, without separations: they flow into each other in a dynamic way. A perception of movement and freedom to which the furnishings also contributes, with the furniture that, when moved, transforms the rooms, as happens in the large open space on the first floor. Spaces also open on the ground floor, where the kitchen and living room are  each one the continuation of the other. From the wonderful living room, there is direct access to the garden, through the large French windows, a movement that is completed with the view of Lake Maggiore.

Project details

location Agarone am Lago Maggiore (CH)

architect Arch. Anna Nizzola

Wohnfläche 4 houses/ca. 195m²

"I chose as a partner what I consider to be the best among the European companies: Rubner, because it is able to build with only natural materials, just as I wanted."

Anna, architect & owner