The house that tastes of coffee

Project Franciacorta

How many feelings, memories, emotions, smells and even tastes can a home express? Certainly all those who are part of the owners' baggage of life, as in the case of this gorgeous house in the heart of Franciacorta, Northern West Italy.

It is a land of childhood memories, close to woods and vineyards, yet a few kilometers from Brescia, where this wooden house stands, between hills and ancient villages. The style is simple, linear and modern, “punctuated” just like the young couple of owners.

And in fact the whole house, a wonderful example of green building, entirely sustainable, fully reflects the personality of this young and enthusiastic couple: the floor recalls the grain of the wood, the ceiling in the higher parts has exposed beams that give further warmth to the rooms.

The spaces are very bright and airy, in full harmony with the outside, of which they are a continuation. Colors are a very precise choice: warm, welcoming, reminiscent of the earth and of coffee, a central element in the story of the young couple, who met each other right in front of an espresso.

The palette of earthy tones declined in all shades, from the fundamental coffee to sand, from graphite to Blanc des dunes, is lit not only by the light that floods the large windows, but also by the green of the plants and the soft lights of the LED lamps. A perfect mix that expresses all its potential in the amazing living area, specially designed to welcome and host friends, like in the lounge on the ground floor, with the long table and the many chairs that invite you to share.

This is why this wooden house exudes so much joy, liveliness, warmth: just like among friends, in the heart of nature, in front of a steaming cup of coffee.

Project details

Location Passirano - BS, Northern Italy

Architecture Arch. Giulia Fantoni

Construction system Timber frame

Living space ca. 150m²

"At Rubner, sustainability goes beyond the excellence of materials: it involves every aspect of living, it concerns energy saving, respect for the environment, and the wellbeing of people. We had no doubts in choosing them." 

Elisa and Niccolò, owners