The house, open to the world

Projekt Starnberg

A contemporary and discreet appearance strikes at first glance, with the white of the façade alternating with the transparency of the glass, a touch of firm yet gentle modernity, open to the territory, respectful: this is the stylistic hallmark of this gorgeous house on the shores of the lake Starnberg, in the heart of Bavaria. This is where the family decided to build. Surrounded by an extraordinary landscape and luxuriant nature, they have chosen to realize the dream of a sustainable wooden house, energetically self-sufficient and equipped with the most cutting-edge technology, with Rubner Haus.

It is a cosmopolitan house like its owners, who lived in Singapore, Canada and Poland before returning to Germany: an openness of mind is immediately perceived, like a desire to embrace the world right from the external structure, with the two floors, which extend seeking a direct relationship with the surrounding landscape.

A research and an openness perfectly respectful of nature, a discreet contemporaneity, which blends perfectly with everything that surrounds it. The spaces are perfectly connected to each other, the color white is predominant but never intrusive, and together with glass doors and the presence of grey and earth tones, makes everything extremely welcoming.

 A warmth that smacks of internationality, while remaining down to earth: from the modern and elegant interiors to the choice of building with a South Tyrolean company, a synthesis of love for Italy. Italy is indeed a land the owners are very attached to, both emotionally and culturally, so that they decided to bring a piece of South Tyrol to the shores of Lake Starnberg.

The result, “Casa Alessia”, named after the owner’s daughter, is a perfectly successful mix, with wood as the absolute protagonist of a new way of conceiving home, with firm roots but a heart and mind open to the world.

Project details

Location Lake Starnberg, Bavaria

Living space 142+99m²

Construction system Riegelbau

«A single-family wooden house, sustainable and ecological, equipped with the latest heating and power supply technologies. It was designed and planned down to the smallest detail by us, for our family, and, above all, it was built properly by South Tyrolean wood-experienced builders: the dream of my life».



Peter J. G., owner