The Gold of the Dolomites

Locanda Giallo

A breathtaking view of Lake Cadore and the Dolomites, ideal for those who seek relax and who love long walks in the mountains, enjoying genuine hospitality. It is also the ideal place to learn about the precious “spices of the Dolomites”, native herbs and flowers renowned for their properties. The Locanda Giallo (The Yellow Inn) in Pieve di Cadore already recalls these elements in the name: yellow like the gold of the sun and the flowers of the Dolomites. The wooden structure extends along the less steep part of a slope; it is a compact building, with high energy efficiency, with thermal energy fed by a biomass power plant integrated with the photovoltaic panels. Within the three floors, the dominant theme is Nature, as an experience, starting with the contact with wood, the natural material par excellence, used for practically everything, from coatings to furnishings to chandeliers. The beautiful rooms are identified by a flower or plant, and images of flowers and spices replace numbers and codes to orient guests throughout the property. There is a precious Alpine thematic library, and local agricultural products characterize the shop, while on the surrounding lawn you can see the blooms of the famous spices of the Dolomites, in a sensory environment of scents and colors. Plants and herbs from the Dolomites are also the subjects of the hortus in the greenhouse, as well as hanging crops. In the basement the wellness center has two saunas, and a relaxation area with large windows overlooking the panoramic solarium and the greenhouse. If, as the poet and environmentalist Gary Snyder says, Nature is not a place to visit, but it is our home, then Locanda Giallo is the ideal home for those who love Nature, for enthusiasts, for those who want to learn while relaxing in a healthy and familiar atmosphere, warmed by the smell of wood.

Photo: Alberto Franceschi Photography 

Project details

Location Pieve di Cadore (Belluno, Noth Italy)

Architect Arch. Manlio Olivotto

Living Space 235+351m²

Construction system timber frame

Hotel Locanda Giallo

"Books from the alpine themed library dominate the lounge. Local agricultural products can be found in the nearby shop. A large "nobis focus" stove warms the spirits.... ALL THIS AND MORE IS GIALLO". 


Manlio Olivotto, architect