The discreet charm of contemporaneity

Project Grumolo

In Grumolo delle Abbadesse, a small village on the outskirts of Vicenza, immersed in the peace of an area rich in history and with a discreet charm, a young couple has made their dream come true with Rubner Haus. Vera, a bioengineer with a passion for beautiful things, and Mattia, a biomedical laboratory technician who loves running and walking, have chosen to build a house with an elegant and essential appearance, which at first sight gives a feeling of harmony with the landscape that surrounds it.

The beauty of this eco-sustainable home is in being contemporary in a discreet way, maintaining and updating elements of tradition, in a mix that enhances its style. Built next to the historic villa of Vera's grandparents, because Vera is very fond of the family the territory, the house has linear exteriors, with a discreet white plaster. The pitched roof recalls tradition, adapting it to contemporary needs and tastes.


A combination of modernity and tradition that is also reflected in the interiors: the soft shades of white of the walls and of some of the furnishing dominate, combined with the intensity of the wood in all its warmest autumn shades, from ceilings to floors. A mix that delicately blends the essentiality of the contemporary character with the warm feeling of the traditional style. Very bright, the spaces play with each other in a succession of dynamic openings, gently subverting the composure of the classic structure.

The result is a delicate, friendly and welcoming contemporaneity. Surrounded by a magnificent and well-kept garden, this house is truly the ideal place to enjoy family harmony.

Project details

Location Province Vicenza, Northern Italy

Living space ca. 240m²

Construction system timber frame