Seize the day, live healthy

Project De Lorenzi

Eva and Giovanni De Lorenzi have chosen Rubner Haus to build the dream house where they live, near Vicenza, northeast Italy. The house extends over 186 square meter and has a linear style, at once contemporary and very warm. Modernity and warmth were among De Lorenzi’s aims: they reached them thanks to the complete freedom they had in projecting, and thanks to the warm material par excellence; wood.

In the summertime the owners love walking barefoot in the house, in contact with a material that makes them feel good. In wintertime they feel like coming back to their own “den”. A unique sensation of wellness and safety. Another important point for the De Lorenzi was the short building time: it was like “seize the day”, with all phases of construction condensed. In this way they could start very soon to enjoy their brand new house, together with their two cats Salsiccia and Ciupet and their baby daughter Agata, who play on the ground in a healthy, cosy environment.

Project details

construction system wood frame

year of construction 2017

architect Arch. Andrea Calabrese

location Sarmego di Grumolo delle Abbadesse, Northern Italy

The idea of a tipical house in the Po valley...

The idea of the architect

"When the clients asked me to develop the project for their Rubner house, we immediately shared the idea of using the typical Po Valley house as a reference.
For the project I used simple volumes, the special shape of the roof gives the composition a contemporary style and clear lines.
The main rooms and views were designed so that clients could enjoy the beauty of the surrounding countryside as the seasons changed."

Arch. Andrea Calabrese