Old for new

The Casa Pejrani

The Rubner home got a little too small, and the now larger family was wishing for a more modern home, maybe even with a swimming pool to take a splash on a hot summer day. So they decided to refurbish and expand their existing Rubner home.

You now hardly even recognise their old home thanks to the outstanding work of their architect. The old, fairly traditional Rubner home was turned into a modern suburban villa. The large garden was cut a little smaller to make room for a swimming pool to take a nice splash in on hot summer days.
Even the contractors themselves would never have imagined that such profound change would be possible using the old structure. The architect working on the project did an outstanding job and perfectly met all the requirements of the customers.

We at Rubner are very happy that the Pejrani family again put great trust in us and commissioned us with turning their existing home into the new home of their dreams.