Nature outside and inside the house

project Hofer

Mr Hofer, the owner of this house, knows much about wood’s benefits.His passion and expertise, plus the desire of facing a single interlocutor and the short building time certainty, made him choose Rubner Haus to build the house where he lives with his family. The result is an enchanting house in Montal, South Tyrol, modern and with a linear style, yet extremely delicate and balanced. It perfectly fits in the wonderful surrounding landscape. Built with wood frame construction system, the owners’ house reflects in every corner the beauty and the healthy energy of the place where it stands. It’s the ideal place to raise a child, in touch with nature, inside and outside the domestic walls.

Project details

construction system wood frame

architect Arch. Evelyn Unterpertinger

living space 102+96m²

location Puster Valley, Southtyrol