More freedom

The Della Vedova project

Spending your entire life in an inner-city apartment, paying rent month after month, surrounded by neighbours that you may not even know by name? It comes just natural that Mrs. Della Vedova and her family wanted to break free. They wanted a house! A house of their own. All rooms made to measure. A place that met their wishes and requirements. A house for life, a home for the entire family.

Architect Lazzati planned a customised living space for the family which meets the highest ecological standards. Health, naturalness, and sustainability played a key role for the family. But there was more: guaranteed construction time and cost certainty were further benefits of building a wood home.

Mrs. Della Vedova is 100 % sure now: “Every time I walk into our house, I have the feeling that I’m truly coming back home. A feeling of freedom and independence. And this is when I know that I made the right decision.”

Project details

Architect Arch. Fabrizio Lazzati