Looking for the sound and scent of wood

Project Abano

A special scent, like a promise of peace, a territory dotted with splendid Palladian villas. That’s what prompted Elisa and Stefano to look for the ideal land to build their dream home just here, on the Riviera del Brenta, in what was once the ancient river port of Padua. A search done by bicycle, which led them to come across an uncultivated vineyard and the ruins of a splendid and ancient farmhouse. It was love at first sight, the perfect place for them, as they wanted to recover and revive elements of the past by combining them with modern and green architecture, respectful of nature. This is how this wonderful house was born, built by Rubner Haus together with the architect Francesco Coccato. A house with a strong personality, complex, like its roots, a small masterpiece of green building, which manages to achieve a perfect balance between the modernity of an eco-sustainable wooden construction and the tradition of ancient agricultural buildings. Of the old house, in fact, it retains the bricks and some of its parts, while all the rest is built in wood, with a combination of traditional and modern style that seems to “ride" through the centuries. The nineteenth-century bricks are "incorporated" by the structure, which maintains a strong rural identity within the linearity of the "new" forms. The result is an extraordinary architectural harmony.


The organization of the interior spaces recalls the logic of traditional rural houses, with the most lived-in rooms facing south and the large garden. But they are lively spaces, in relationship with each other, and they open and bind to each other and to the outside, as the owners desired. Environments that overlook the lush greenery that surrounds the house, the pre-existing vineyard, which today produces an excellent Merlot. And on the upper floor wood is the absolute protagonist, with warm and soft tones, knots with unpredictable designs. Because as Elisa explains: «For us it was important to maintain contact with wood, even with its sounds, to allow our girls to experience nature through touch, sight, smell».

Project details

Location Province Padova, Northern Italy

Living space 124+118m²

Construction system timber frame

Architect Arch. Francesco Coccato

"It was important for us to keep the contact with the wood in order to give our girls the opportunity to experience nature with all their senses."


Elisa und Stefano, owners