Innovating tradition

Project Bucci

The beauty of the Marche countryside, a village surrounded by greenery and a medieval fortress standing out among the hills. The owners built their dream house in this enchanting corner of central Italy. She is very passionate about the environment, he is a professional designer: they wished to live in harmony with the surrounding landscape and local history, using natural materials, with the least possibile impact, but yet with aesthetical and technological innovation.  The house, built together with Rubner Haus, won the challenge: the structure reflects the basic style typical of the Marche farmhouses, but it’s made of two parts, one below and the other one above. This last one is covered with reddish clay tiles, that reflect the traditional style and the Medieval Fortress, situated a few meters from the house.  Everything is eco-friendly: the roof is covered with photovoltaic panels, and the wood construction system made it possible to build fitting the parts together, without glue.  The result is a house that recovers tradition and innovates it, making it immortal.

Project details

living space 50+130+40m²

location Offagna, Ancona, Italy

architect Arch. Riccardo Bucci

"The game to integrate tradition and innovation has allowed the insertion of an element such as terracotta in a completely prefabricated structure."

Arch. Riccardo Bucci