Home at first sight

Project Franchina

This house in the heart of one of the most beautiful Bergamo valleys, radiates warmth at first sight, surrounded by greenery and peace of a wonderful landscape.  Mr and Mrs Franchina’s house, designed by engineer Vezzoli together with Rubner Haus, is a 105 square meters little paradise in the charming Val Seriana, Northern Italy.

What is most striking is the feeling of wellness, hospitality, harmony, that this house radiates just as one looks at it from the outside: an enveloping warmth, helped by wood and other local materials in the exteriors, that continues inside with warm yet sophisticated nuances. All the furnishings are custom made by local craftsmen, and recall the house’s colors and materials, just like in an embrace.

The result is a special place, where the words “family” and “home” find their inner meaning.

Project details

Location Bergamo, Northern Italy

Living space 105m²

Technology 3KW photovoltaic system

Heating system heat pump, underfloor heating & air-conditioning