Harmony through the vineyards

project Bagnacani

Can you build a wooden house with a contemporary style in the middle of a vineyard, harmonizing modern architecture with the local traditional buildings? Lorenzo and Cristina Bagnacani’s wonderful house proves that it is possible. With its dynamic shapes, the uncommon facade with terraces and protruding geometries, the house, a few kilometers from Reggio Emilia, combines movement and linearity, creating harmonic, never boring spaces. The most remarkable outcome is the complete harmony of the building with the surrounding landscape, despite of its undeniable uniqueness.  The Bagnacanis turned to engineer Carlo Benassi and architect Gabriele Lottici, CasaClima’s energy consultants, to realize such an original project. Together they chose Rubner Haus to make their dream come true. The result is this gorgeous house, that looks like a point of light in the middle of the surrounding country. The interiors are warm and cosy, but safe from extreme heat thanks to terraces, and the wide windows provide an exceptional brightness.  Entirely sustainable, the Bagnacanis’ house is a dream realized so well that the owners’ three children don’t want to go on holiday anymore.


Project details

location Reggio Emilia, Northern Italy

projectants Ing. Carlo Benassi, Arch. Gabriele Lottici

living space ca. 250m²