Enchantment among the vineyards

Project Garda

On the Garda Riviera, in the beautiful area where a variety of fine wines are produced, including Chiaretto, a rosé wine obtained from a typical variety of the area, the owners of this wonderful house have chosen to start a wine business in the wake of sustainability, living and cultivating in the same place. Their corporate choice to cultivate the land without pesticides and herbicides reflects on their choice of living in an environmentally friendly house that housed it: hence the decision to build with Rubner Haus.

Its name is Casa Vigna, and it's a gorgeous eco-friendly house, set among the vineyards: the staggered roofs give a rhythm to the entire building, the same rhythm that the vineyards give to the land.


The structure recalls that of the old farmhouses, but it’s enriched with some modern elements that do not clash but rather blend perfectly together. Warm, "earthy" colors make the house seem an integral part of the vineyards and of the landscape from the outside: a unique setting that excites especially at sunset, when everything seems to be colored with Nature. The splendid porch that unites interior and exterior immediately welcomes with a promise of warmth and familiarity that continues inside with light furnishings, large sofas, floor lamps that mimic the shape of wine bottles.

Mezzanines and garrets help to make the interior spaces "dialogue" with each other, creating a truly special atmosphere of union and "family", accentuated by the wonderful brightness that the large windows and glass doors reflect on the light tones of the wood. Among centenary vines and olive trees, a triumph of warmth and colors that envelop giving extraordinary sensations, inside and outside the house, as in an enchantment among the vineyards.

Project details

Location Lake Garda, Brescia, Northern Italy

Living space 300+130m²

Construction system timber frame

"Everything we do is the realization of a dream. To live and work in the green, with our children, to host people, committing ourselves to protect the land to give future generations a healthy and vital environment."



Ilona and Vittorio, owners