A yoga house

The Amrbosio Project

The early morning sun tickles your skin, filling your whole body with comfort and warmth. Your eyes are closed. You take a deep breath. You forget about the world and everyday life around you. You literally take in the energy of the sun. Let go, relax, take a deep breath.

A house that is more than just a building: A magical place building a healthy relation with happiness, harmony, enlightenment, and filling body and soul with positive energy. 40 minutes of meditation in the morning to charge your batteries for the new day and recollect yourself. 40 minutes of meditation at night to leave the day behind and free up body and soul.

The Ambrosino couple planned this house following the old rules of “Vedica Maharishi” architecture, thus creating far more than just a house. This old style of architecture originating in India is based on certain rules and measures that are a perfect match for wood construction: The house is closed towards the south and the east. The natural way of building using wood supplies extra energy, which the couple needs for their everyday lives. Mr. Ambrosino is a yoga instructor and teaches yoga classes in their home. The large yoga room is open and faces the green garden, thus being filled up with a lot of natural light. His clients are enthusiastic about the positive energy they can take home from there. The numerous books of the yoga teacher have found a new home in ample bookshelves perfectly integrated into the geometry of the living room.

A house that is more than just a house. Sthapatya Veda and Vedica Maharishi architecture create the perfect combination of yoga and architecture.
It is the first house of its kind realised by Rubner. A truly positive experience, not just for the contractor.