A new life for grandma’s house

Project Serafini

It all started with a design magazine, while he was studying architecture: Andrea Serafini saw a Rubner’s wooden house and fell in love with it.

Years later he inherited an old farmhouse, once belonged to his grandmother, in Serrungarina, an enchanting and small village on the Marche hills, in an area well-known for the production of olive oil and for a sweet, ancient variety of pear, called “Pera Angelica”.

Andrea Serafini and his partner Elisa Sambuchi, an engineer, had many ideas to enhance the house they were given: their dream to build it with Rubner Haus came true, giving new life to a wonderful 150 square meters villa that, thanks to high performing house systems, has very low electricity consumption. The house is born again in the best way: wood gave new life to a place that risked to be abandoned.

But that’s not all: Andrea, enthusiastic fan of wood, realized his second dream, working with Rubner Haus, with whom he now cooperates.

Project details

Location Serrungerina (PU), Centre of Italy

Living space ca. 150m²

planner Ing. Elisa Sambuchi

"When we signed the contract with Rubner Haus, it was already a dream come true, because our ideas and designs were beginning to take shape."

Andrea Serafini, owner and architect