A haven of peace in the heart of Umbria

Project Incantico

Among small stretches of water, olive trees, fruit trees and waterfalls, Incantico is a refined, beautiful relais nestled in 18 hectares of private park near Mount Subasio, next to Assisi, Umbria. The owner, a Russian psychotherapist in love with Italy, chose this area of great spirituality and enchanting natural beauty in the heart of Central Italy to build a structure in complete harmony with the surrounding landscape. His idea was very peculiar: he wanted the building to be inspired by the architecture of the “isba”, typical Russian rural houses, built with wooden planks and tree trunks. His dream has been realized in a way that is absolutely respectful of the environment and of the surrounding landscape:

Incantico, with its heating pump and solar panels, has in itself the Russian flavor of the isba, in the sloping roof and in the many windows on the main façade, while the interiors are in exposed wood, warm and welcoming. Everything is perfectly in harmony with the context, also thanks to the use of ancient logs for the roof and copper eaves, while the dove-gray color of the external walls recalls the typical tuff stone of the local houses. Incantico is a meeting between two worlds united in the spirituality of a truly “enchanting” place.

A building recovery, in a rural environment, could not fail to take into account a type of construction in wood, which combined with the use of materials, finishes and decorations respect local standards, and allows to achieve excellent climatic comfort.

Ing. Giulio Tofanetti