A fairy tale home

The Gornik project

A little lake. A little house. Magical. Full of dreams. It is cold outside. A fire in the fireplace. The wood is crackling. Comfort and warmth spread across the room. You look outside.

The idyllic village of Begunje, Slovenia, is home to the Gornik family log home situated right by a little lake. A calm and beautiful spot they chose to make the dream of their own home come true. While the house may seem rustic and traditional from the outside, the large glass façades facing the lake on the southern side totally change the classic style. Modern, comfortable living, energy-efficient and clear-cut – this is what they wanted their little home by the lake to be like. Bright and friendly, spacious, but still cosy. No extra ceiling was inserted under the roof, so the rafters of the roof structure are fully visible, opening up the room and allowing for the creation of a first-floor gallery. The large kitchen is not separated by an extra wall, thus adding to the sensation of spaciousness and openness.

The traditional log style was gently modernised by the architect, adding large glass façades offering a stunning view of the lake. The patio is the perfect place to spend mild summer nights. The house comes with a detached wood garage, which perfectly complements the highly appealing overall structure.