A charming and solid villa

Project Maltempi

This charismatic and full of personality house is located near Ancona, in the Marche, Central Italy. The owner has chosen Casablanca system, not only to give a contemporary touch to the wood’s warmth, but also for the comfort and solidity typical of this system, developed from Blockhaus. During the whole duration of planning and building, the Maltempi family were in Asia on business: they needed a competent, experienced and reliable contact person to follow all the steps in person. That’s why the owner family have chosen Rubner Haus.

Project details

Location Ancona, Central Italy

Living space ca. 280m²

construction system Casablanca

Architecture/engineering Ing. Giacomo Giacomini, Arch. Bucci Riccardo

"To have a safe house was one of our wishes: the sound of this house during the last earthquake in our area was different, lighter than that of the masonry house we used to live in. The feeling of being safe felt good."

Filippo Maltempi, owner