A bright sharing space

Project San Donà

Clean shapes, contemporary but well blended in the context, colors that recall the natural materials with which it was built: this house in the Venetian countryside takes up the proportions and shape of traditional farmhouses typical of the area, adapting the internal distribution of spaces to the needs of a family. And in fact, the architects project was developed precisely to satisfy the clients' desire to build a space suitable for a family, where they can welcome friends and relatives in comfort, sharing with them the passion for cooking. A welcoming and bright house, with a discreet but warm style, with large windows that, in the living area, allow you to enjoy the porch and the beautiful garden that surround the house. It is precisely the management of light that has been particularly studied, with a focus on solar gains, so that they could ensure proper shading of the windows in the summer, while maximizing the entry of light during the winter.

Project details

Location San Donà di Piave VE, North Italy

Living space 176+145m²

Construction system timber frame

Architect Arch. Andrea Calabrese

The Architect project fulfilled the owners' desire for a welcoming home, with spaces suitable for hosting friends and family in comfort and conviviality. To share interests and passions, such as cooking...


Doinita & Marco with kids, owner family