ARCHITECTS TALES: Luca Molinari meets Michele De Lucchi


FROM DESIGN TO CONSTRUCTION: Thursday 16 settembre, ore 17

Two great architects meet and discuss the design process in its entirety, from the birth of the idea to its realization. Research, craftsmanship, innovation and much more: appointment on Thursday  September 16th from 5 pm at the Casa Platform in Milan and live from our social media pages.

The design process at the center of the architectural debate, the importance of the entire production process, from the idea to its realization. And then, architecture as research and exercise of craftsmanship, and its future. These are the key points of the meeting organized by Rubner, "From design to construction", between the architect, academic and curator Luca Molinari and the designer Michele De Lucchi, which will be held on Thursday September 16th at 5 pm, at the Casa Platform in Milan and live on our social media pages.

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From Design to construction

Luca Molinari meets Michele De Lucchi

Particular attention will be paid to AMDL CIRCLE, a multidisciplinary firm recognized for its humanistic approach to architecture, design and graphics, led by Michele De Lucchi, one of the best known Italian architects and designers. Based on 40 years of pioneering projects, the firm has designed iconic architectures such as the Unicredit Pavilion in Milan, the Ponte della Pace in Tbilisi (Georgia), and objects such as the Tolomeo lamp by Artemide, one of the icons of design history. The firm is inspired by humanistic principles, according to which the foundation of the design is the continuous search for the improvement of the quality of physical and intellectual life. With this in mind, the Circle enriches its design activity with the contribution of experts in the humanities and scientific disciplines, thinkers and innovators, as an integrated aspect of its practice.