We are Rubner


Holzstamm mit natürlichen Rissen

They are Rubner.

Our houses are not just called Rubner.

As a fourth-generation family business, we control every step on the way to building your dream home, from the wood as the raw material through to completion of your own home. The trees that we use come from our own forest in Mezzaselva near Bressanone in South Tyrol and from certified Alpine forests. We cut the wood at our own sawmills in South Tyrol, East Tyrol and Styria in accordance with the highest quality standards and then process it further in the companies within the Rubner Group. We produce the walls, ceilings and roofs of a Rubner Haus at our main plant in Chienes, and our customised doors and windows also come from our family production facility in South Tyrol. Since the windows, doors and installations are already installed at the plant, we verify the accuracy of each step internally within the business and can thereby reduce working times at the construction site. Your home retains its value for many years thanks to guaranteed Rubner quality from the tree to the finished house. We also guarantee the certainty of our costs and adherence to deadlines 100%. The main thing though is that you are not just investing in a house with Rubner: you are also investing in your quality of life.

Tradition and innovation for more than 80 years

History of Rubner

Rubner Haus combines the best in traditional wood construction with innovative technology. This results in wood houses that allow our customers’ individual wishes to become a reality.

It all began in 1926 when Josef Rubner senior founded a water-powered sawmill in Chienes...

It started with a passion. The passion of a family from South Tyrol for working, building and living with wood. This hasn’t changed over the last 90 years. Today the fourth-generation Rubner Group employs more than 1,300 people. Rubner sets benchmarks time and time again in timber construction thanks to the combination of Italian flair and German reliability and precision. Rubner Haus, a part of the Rubner Group, was founded in Chienes in the Puster Valley in 1964. It specialises in single-family wood homes and blocks of apartments, from basic designs that require a high degree of personal contribution from customers to turnkey dream villas with exclusive designs. With around 25,000 houses already constructed and with 220 employees, Rubner Haus is the undisputed number 1 in Italy today. Rubner Haus imposes no limits on creativity and produces customised living spaces – that are as unique as the people who live there.

Rubner Haus produces its houses in South Tyrol. Just like the wood, the windows and doors also come from the Rubner Group. This ensures maximum quality and living comfort. It’s what makes Rubner the house of unlimited possibilities for you too!!

Altes Familienfoto der Familie Rubner

Our corporate mission statement

Rubner Group

The corporate activities of Rubner Haus GmbH are subject to a precisely defined corporate mission statement, and each of the individual aspects of this are binding on management, all employees and all branches.

This mission statement applies to the entire company Rubner Haus GmbH with the following branches:

  • Chienes head office
  • Milan (sales branch)
  • Alba (sales branch)
  • Pontedera (sales branch)
  • all active construction sites.
Altes Foto vom Rubner Betriebsgelände in Kiens