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Rubner Haus and enviromental sustainability

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Rubner Haus and the enviromental responsability

Today, environmental sustainability is a key factor for any company seeking to grow and make a profit. Finding the right path is not easy, however, not even for a company such as Rubner Haus that for many years now has been working in compliance with precise ethical values and with the clear objective of reducing the impact of its production and work on the environment.

More specifically, what does doing business in a sustainable manner actually mean? How can one avoid the risk of falling into sterile greenwashing? How does one measure a company’s sustainability? Who, within a company, is tasked with guiding the transition towards a green-oriented model? And most importantly: what are the new market, normative or economic rules and tools for achieving this goal?

We don’t have clear-cut answers to these questions. Corporate transformation towards compliance with the ESG metrics is a reality but still needs to be defined in terms of its operational mechanisms. These questions require adequate answers via constant dialogue with experts and professional figures as well as with the managers and business people who are facing the same challenges. Our commitment in this context is to study the matter in depth and to share the results of our research.

Dialogues regarding enviromental sustainability and ethics

With experts in design and architecture

Sustainable Talks is an initiative that began some time ago and that we are successfully continuing to pursue. An example of this are the Digital Talks, organised in 2020, when Luca Molinari, an architect, academic curator and the owner of Luca Molinari Studio, curated a series of events and digital talks with important figures in the world of design culture, from architecture to design.

We have had many guest speakers engage in our dialogues and in the meetings broadcast live on our Instagram channel: Alfonso Femia, Aldo Cibic, Benedetta Tagliabue, Mario Cucinella, Matthias Schuler and Matthias Sauerbruch, as well as Ilaria Valente, Andreas Kipar, Francesco Fresa and Sebastiano Leddi. All of these are famous in the fields of design and architecture and in the time window of three weeks they have spoken about sustainability, project quality and sociality. 

Digital Talks with Luca Molinari