Soft wood fibreboard

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Soft wood fibreboard - from the trunk to an insulating material

Building and insulating with wood is a simple yet very effective climate protection measure

Anyone who builds with wood can expect more. Innovative solutions for greater physical construction security, improved wellbeing in your own home and greater stability in the value of the building, but above all: responsible use of organic resources.

Renewable wood can provide the solutions to overcoming the important environmental challenges of the future: slowing down climate changes and supporting the transition to renewable energy. There are hardly any other industrial products that are as persuasive from an ecological perspective as construction products made from wood and wood fibre. Its use as a construction and insulating material safeguards sustainable, healthy and environmentally-friendly over generations.

The wood used in the production of insulating materials comes from the areas rich in forests around our sub-contractors’ production plants. Short transportation distances not only put less strain on the environment, they are also essential to the quality of the products. This is because only fresh untreated wood can be processed to make premium quality insulating and construction material. The result is healthy living spaces at one with nature.

Benefits of soft wood fibreboard as an insulating material

Natural and environmentally-friendly

Completely natural

Produced from untreated waste wood, using the natural bonding strength of the wood fibre, with no chemical additives, environmentally-compatible and recyclable.

Renewable material

You protect your environment. The main items used are coniferous trees. The main advantages of coniferous trees are their high level of availability and fibre quality.


You are also building for subsequent generations. The insulating material lasts for decades if not centuries with the right design. This in turn plays a part in protecting the climate and environment.

Excellent heat insulation values

Excellent insulation properties in winter and summer.


Flexible, bindable thermal insulation, easy processing and particularly friendly to skin.

Thermal and acoustic insulation

Climate regulation through its high absorption capacity, sound insulating.

No diffusion barrier

No diffusion barrier for a healthy indoor climate.

ideal when it comes to fire protection

In the event of a fire, the wood’s natural carbonisation layer inhibits rapid spread of the fire.

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