Wood, construction material of the 21st century

Wood is great!

They have been standing here for thousands of years. They rise up into the sky, more than 30 metres high. We are fascinated with their energy and air of mystery. We ask ourselves what kind of stories they might be able to tell …


Fascinating properties

Trees and forests are core elements of our landscapes. Wood is a core element in our lives. Wood is natural. Wood is alive. Wood means warmth and comfort. Wood smells nice. Wood calms you down. Wood is versatile.
These are the reasons why, at Rubner, we have always been truly fascinated by this raw material from the early days in the business.No tree is like another, no type of wood comes with the same properties as another. Studying all the qualities and unique features of wood and learning how to properly use it, there is no other construction material that we would rather work with.

Waldboden mit Baumstamm
Waldboden mit Baumstamm

Wood as a raw material

Wood is renewable

What makes wood so great is that it is renewable and regrows faster than it is harvested. However, a prerequisite for that is sustainable forest management, which is especially important for us here at Rubner!

Approximately half of the surface area of Austria and of South Tyrol are covered with forests. This amounts to a total of 4.5 million hectares of forest. Every second, 1 cubic metre of wood regrows in them. Every day, this equals the amount of wood required for 2,160 homes. Looking at those figures, you will see that there is no need to worry that building more and larger buildings from wood might destroy nature.

Wald in herstlichen Farben