The Rubner value chain

Rubner mills. Rubner Türen. Rubner Fenster. Rubner Haus. Rubner Holzbau. Rubner Objektbau.

We are respectful of wood as a raw material and of our environment. That is our mission statement, and it is what we do in our everyday life at work. To make sure we stay true to our values along the way, Rubner’s unique processing chain starts with a tree out in the forest …

A tree’s life.

The Rubner value chain

Ein kleines Bäumchen wächst aus dem Waldboden

In the forest

I grew up in a forest, well-protected and surrounded by pristine, quaint nature. When I grew older, it was time to turn me into something greater. And one day, that was what I did ...

gestapeltes Konstruktionsvollholz

In the saw mill

I was felled carefully before being transported to a Rubner saw mill, where I was expertly cut, dried, dressed, and sorted. Next, I came to South Tyrol ...

Familie sitzt gemeinsam beim Essen

During production

With love and passion, a Rubner company turned me into a premium-quality product – this is what I was truly meant to be. I became part of an upmarket Rubner Haus wall system, and now I provide warmth, safety, and shelter to a family.

From the mill ...

The wood as a raw material for the Rubner Group’s companies comes from our log suppliers that we have been working with for many, many years now.

The factories of rhi and Nordpan in Styria, Austria, and South Tyrol, Italy, process the logs coming from 100 % sustainably managed Alpine forests and produce sawn timber. The raw products are then further processed by the Rubner Group’s companies.

... to large turnkey timber construction projects

This is what single-family homes and apartment buildings of Rubner Haus, agricultural buildings, infrastructure buildings, multi-storey residential buildings, and complex timber structures of Rubner Ingenieurholzbau as well as the large turnkey timber construction projects of Rubner Objektbau are made of. Rubner Türen and Rubner Fenster, another key company in the Rubner Group, complete the value chain.